“PMA Saved Our Butts”

Eighteen years ago our group of four private practice orthopedic surgeons was facing a series of administrative crises: retirement of a senior partner, addition of a junior partner, group incorporation, electronic billing and computerization, and a not-so-dependable accounting service. Our orthopedic practices were busy and growing, but none of us had the business acumen or interest to oversee the entirety of our professional administrative requirements. Our long-time (20+ years) office manager was at her wit’s end attempting to keep the pieces together, let alone getting ahead and addressing future needs.

“Ron To The Rescue”

One of our physicians knew of another orthopedic practice facing similar circumstances and we arranged to meet with PMA’s Ron Gigliodoro. Ron demonstrated the healthcare business background and experience we so badly needed. Our office manager now had the expert with whom to consult on organizational, hiring, computerization, billing and EMR issues. Our MDs had the advisor to guide us through group incorporation, our retiring senior physician, and contracting with a new physician member. Ron had the links to competent attorneys, business purveyors and future hires for our medical staff.

Ron spends an entire day in our office monthly, meeting with our manager, staff, and individual physicians. He schedules group and personal meetings upon request and is readily available by phone or in person to address emergent issues. Monthly financial reports are incisive, comprehensive, and the numbers not only add up but reflect past and future trends. Throughout our years of association with PMA our only issue has been “how did we get along before him” and “could we get along without him.”

Ron is supremely competent, knowledgeable,  dependable, honest, industrious and a man of integrity. Beside all this, he is a genuinely nice guy who can also improve your golf game.

Peter P. Anas, M.D.

New England Orthopaedic & Spine Surgery
New England Baptist Hospital

I have worked with Ron Gigliodoro and his team at PMA for the past 18 years. He has played an integral role in the expansion of our practice, to one of the largest orthopedic groups in the state. His knowledge and expertise have been critical in helping us to navigate through the significant number of changes within the orthopedic field over the last decade.

Scott A. Sigman, M.D.,

Chief of Orthopedics, Lowell General Hospital
Team Physician for UMASS Lowell and US Ski Jump Team

At the heart of any successful healthcare system is a successful medical
staff. As the EVP/COO of Lowell General Hospital I know first hand the
importance of partnering with our physicians for great patient care through
trusting relationships that allow both the physicians and the Hospital to be
mutually successful.

Professional Management Associates, Inc. (PMA) is a leader in our
marketplace for providing many physician practices with high level
administrative and financial management support. Ron Gigliodoro and his
team are tuned into the complexities of Massachusetts Healthcare and assist
their practices in navigating the challenges of practice management,
strategic positioning, and maximizing relationships with their local
hospital partners.

From a hospital perspective, I am very comfortable and confident in the
services and support provided to our medical staff by the Partners at PMA.
They understand the importance of physician / hospital relationships and are
very skilled at helping hospital executives better understand the keys to
physician practice success. We are very fortunate to have Ron Gigliodoro
and PMA working with many of our successful community physician practices.

Jody White,
EVP/COO, Lowell General Hospital

Having been with our practice for over 35 years, I have seen Urology Consultants grow from a 2 provider practice to a 13 provider, multi-location practice and without the help of Professional Management Associates, I feel we would not be the largest private Urology Practice in Massachusetts. Our relationship started in the early 90s and Professional Management Associates has helped us keep up with the never-ending changes that we face in the health care industry. Our physicians have the comfort of knowing we are kept abreast of any changes we need to address in our practice. Professional Management has extensive knowledge of all areas of running a sound medical practice. Financial statements, employee benefits, physician compensation and retirement planning are among the few issues that are addressed monthly. In the utmost demanding time of a physician and his or her administrator, it is of much comfort to know there is someone who we can turn to help with the day-to-day operations of a successful medical practice. Professional Management Associates has helped us reach our goals and we continue to grow in an every changing environment.

Mary Sue Ring,
Administrator Urology Consultants of the North Shore, Inc., Salem, MA